Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Inspiration....

For many year I have been a big fan of female bodybuilding. I always thought that these awesome mucled ladys were the closest to perfection i have ever seen.
We all remember Cory Everson, Lenda Murray,Juliette Bergmann and many others...

Now, bodybuilding has evolved in past years and the looks have changed, but still there are a few FBBs who will always please the outsider eye, one of them is my inspiration in this sport, and that is....
Alina Popa!

Alina has one of the most sexy, symetric, feminine, powerfull, bootyfull(gigles), i mean.... THE TOTAL PACKAGE!

Alina besides being a beautiful pro athlete is also a wonderful person and one great coach.
She coached me for my last show, and boy oooh boy, that was my best shape ever!!!!
Thank You Alina, You R the best:)
Here r more pics of this Muscle Goddess that i admire soo much:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Body Improvement - Mile's Hardcore Gym

This hardcore gym has one of best trainers in Holland, Mile Dubroja, has been an athlete himself and has a passion for the sport that is way stronger then most dedicated athletes.
Mile has helped many athletes at national and international level reach their peak in the sport.

When You first enter the gym, you will smell the rust of iron, feel the eager willingness to become better and workout as if there was no tomorrow!!!

Mile was the stepping stone and the one who helped me in to my bodybuilding carreer in 2010 and begining 2011.
I am eternally gratefull for the knowledge i gained from him:)

Rotterdam is the place to visit, and if u happen to be there, make sure that You are getting Your workout done!!! AT MILE'S!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just Blogging around...

Decided to start a blog here to share info, photos, thoughts, etc to my fans, friends, supporters and family...
Las weekend had a competition, soo ill just leave a couple of photos from the event:)